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Elphus Shiiiiiit, son. This sounds like it's straight out the 80's. Totally mind-blowing hardcore that is for everyone. Get amongst it - you won't regret shit.
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released December 6, 2015

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Tom Gardner at Rift Studios in Brooklyn, NY.



all rights reserved


HASTE Connecticut

3-piece from CT.

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Track Name: Triggers
Create our wants then deny us what we need,
build up dependence so we don't bite the hands that feed.
Systematic abuse of human rights,
observance of our patterns through iron sights.

Social formalities, a thing of the past,
historical documents treated as trash.
Silver spoon fed an abundance of shit
so the next generation will remain compliant.
Track Name: Dehumanize
Every crime has a reason,
inside each saint lurks a demon.

Profit profit get your fill,
it comes first and always will.

Human lives are just statistics,
progress isn't realistic.
Zero sum fucking game,
win or lose it's all the same.
Track Name: Echo Chamber
Predetermined consensus,
manufactured consent,
shouting down any voice that threatens to dissent.
Reinforcing bias and feelings of relief,
no harm in opinions until they become beliefs.

Tell me what I want to hear.

You better have conviction,
you better fall in line,
drop down onto your knees,
make sacrifices to the shrine.
Drink deep of the collective,
accept assimilation,
shoot down opposing views without any consideration.

Tell me what I want to hear.
Track Name: Untitled
Blurred emotions,
a blatant disguise
casts a stone,
a glass house awaits it's demise.

Inevitability strikes and it shatters.
Severing ties from all that once mattered.

I'm so disconnected. What do I say?
My vision is hazy and I've lost my way.

Track Name: Transition
New lease on life,
starting off fresh,
the past is the past,
won't be back again.

Outstretched arms reaching through cracks between bars.
Now overwhelmed by the sights and the sounds and the stars.

On the street, how do I eat,
there's no jobs for ex-cons.
Do some dirt, what'll it hurt?
Got caught out, now it's all blue and red.

I've hit the end of the road
(there's no turning back)
Handcuffs go on my hands
(there's nothing left to do)
All of my plans laid to waste
(so much for back on track)
You won't see my face
(enslaved by what I lack)
Track Name: Data
We're burning the borders,
new avenues for trade.
How can you tame it?
Through data we wade,
a digital age
so hard to contain,
no concept of boundaries,
or what that might pertain.

Gnashing it's teeth; the invisible beast.
No way to know which boundaries to police.
Progress supersedes individual needs.
Technology fanning the fires we feed.
Track Name: Foundations
Brought into a world,
corrupt and unjust,
one which there no words left to trust.
Survival of the fittest,
only the weak submit,
while the ones with open eyes stand tall and never quit.

I know where I belong
-I'm fucking lost.
I know true happiness.
-But at what cost?
I know where I stand.
-The earth is cracked underneath.
I know my heart is sound.
-But yet it skips a beat.

It seems the goal's to conquer and divide,
destroy compassion, leave us rotten and desensitized.
What will we have left once empathy is erased?
Another withered minds ideals misplaced.