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released July 25, 2015

Recorded / Mixed / Mastered
by Tom Gardner at Rift Studios in Brooklyn, NY

Eric - Guitar
Coy - Bass
Jim - Drums

All songs by HASTE.



all rights reserved


HASTE Connecticut

3-piece from CT.

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Track Name: Wasteland
Boarded store fronts and empty homes,
package stores next to payday loans.
Trepidation, eerie silence,
midnight gun shots but there's no sirens.

Urban wasteland.

Nike's hanging from power lines,
remnants surviving on petty crime.
An epidemic of wanton neglect,
life and death over disrespect.
Track Name: Deluge
Seats of power, church and state.
Foundation fractures under the weight.

Abandon nature for isolation,
summoning demons of our creation.
Track Name: Bunker
Draw the shades and disengage.


The mask comes off and the pretense fades.


Seeking comfort from a machine.
Endless grind of the same routine.
Track Name: Capital
Your green paper stacks hold no value to me,
my word is my bond and that's the truest currency.
You can't buy me out, so trip your words and stumble,
as the dollar value drops and the economy crumbles.

I'm not for sale.

Free will is worth more than you can buy,
I see the ill intent hidden behind dollar signs.
My integrity is worth more than a lousy buck,
you'll never own me and you can go get fucked.

I'm not for sale.
Track Name: Identity
Identity concealed by thousands of bytes,
a ghost of the present manifested in lights.

Sifting thru chaos without any context.

Nuances of speech are brought to a halt,
as we blindly misrepresent to a fault.

Sifting thru chaos without any context.

We post so much data for them to collect,
and honest opinions aren't met with respect.
We give up our privacy willingly now,
our talking points dictated by what they allow.

Sifting thru chaos without any context.
Track Name: Eyes On Me
Don't tell me stories about fairy tale movies,
where cowboys in squad cars inherit the glory.

I know the truth.

Protect and serve, fallacy,
uphold pride and bigotry,
I didn't do nothing but still feel their eyes on me.

I know the truth.

Expect me to submit.
Kill all who resist.
Give a little lip and end up with a bigger fist.
Got a fucking gun.
Makes you stand real tall.
Knowing that no matter what, you make the fucking law.

I don't feel safe when I see you around.